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    Dear SOME Community, The SOME Business Meeting and elections will take place on April 28, 2021 at 2:00 pm EST, please mark your calendars. This meeting will be a Zoom Meeting to follow the Educating Leaders conference. During the meeting the SOME ...

  • Picker Gold Graduate Medical Education (GME) Challenge Grants! This program provides 18-month grants to support the research and development of innovative projects within the graduate medical education setting, designed to facilitate successful patient-centered ...

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    #IAMSECafe Welcomes Mark Hernandez to Look Ahead to #IAMSE21 Stay connected with your colleagues around the globe and join us for this week's IAMSE Cafe round table discussion. Please join our host, Francisco Raúl Barroso Villafuerte from the School ...

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    Looking forward to a great AACOM virtual conference and to presenting: Clinical Room By Zoom - Teaching, Training, And Assessing In The Virtual World   (Asynchronous track) Stephanie Zeszutek, DO, FACOG, RPh ------------------------------ Stephanie ...

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