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    I mapped our nutrition plan last year and found 170 hours over the 4 years... from biochem to Internal medicine. We cut it back about 15 hours this year and are working on a culinary med/ nutrition elective. Dr. Owen Kelly is our PHD in nutrition. ...

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    Mark, Thank you for reaching out to the collective wisdom of this medical education group to speak about this important topic of educating medical students and residents about the important intersection between nutrition and human health! This speaks ...

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    Hi Mark, OU-HCOM's Associate Dean for Research and Innovation (i.e., Darlene Berryman, Ph.D., RD, LD) would be a great speaker for the National Conference; her contact information is provided in the snip below. She has done extensive work ...

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    Please consider Kathaleen Briggs Early, Ph.D., CDE, RD, who is Professor of Biochemistry here at PNWU. She does interdisciplinary nutrition work at the local free clinic, and does community-based research on diabetes. She might fit well in any of your ...

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