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  • Hi Everyone, I hope you're doing as well as possible.  I'm reaching out as current president of the national Directors of Clinical Skills (DOCS) organization ( https://www.directorsofclinicalskillscourses.com/ ).  DOCS has been compiling a master list ...

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    Ultrasound Policies

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    Hi Everyone, Hope all are safe. Would anyone have policies on ultrasound use for UME purposes that they are willing to share? If so, I would appreciate you sending them to me. Thank you. Lisa ------------------------------ Lisa R. Chun, DO MS. MEdL, ...

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    AACOM invites you to attend the upcoming conversation, Finding A Cure: An Open Discussion on Racism and Injustice in the American Healthcare System. Guest Speakers include: Barbara Ross-Lee, DO, First African American woman to be appointed dean ...

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    Dea r SOME Members, Last Friday, AACOM's Office of Government Relations sent out a message to its councils requesting feedback on an important survey that will help inform our association's federal policy priorities for the upcoming legislative session. ...

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