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    TOUCH Program Update

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    About the 2018 & 2019 TOUCH Cycles The 2018 TOUCH cycle has closed. While students may still view their submissions, no further changes or updates are possible. Thank you to everyone who participated in the program this year. We expect to have an ...

  • Agreed, Steve (hope retirement is treating you well). In my experience $150/hr seems to be a typical academic consult rate these days, plus expenses. Honorarium? Seems that $200 is a common rate, plus expenses. But this is really institution ...

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    Hello,  I am having a lot of issues getting any response to my emails. I have sent 4 emails at this point with no response, the first one being sent over a month ago. On top of that I received the TOUCH report for LUCOM and it is incorrect (which one ...

  • Up to the consultant in consultation with host - very situational! Distance, time to prepare (new or reuse), materials, number of participants, etc. perhaps a contract checklist (fees for services and/or menu? I'm doing a two hour facilitator orientation ...

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