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    2022 Award Recipients Innovation in Clinical Medical Education – Marguerite Elliot Award  Horses Teaching Medical Students Bedside Manners Stephanie L. Zeszutek, DO Clinical Associate Professor Touro University College of Osteopathic ...

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    In case you missed this in the AACOM News on Friday...... see AACOM's   statement on residency interviews .   AACOM News AACOM Strongly Recommends Hybrid Residency Interviews for 2022-23 Cycle May 13, 2022 Students should have choice ...

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    Thanks Dr. Speicher for forwarding AAMC's newsletter and position on the URGC Recommendations. I enjoyed hearing perspectives form many on the UGRC Recommendations at the AACOM Annual Conference in Denver. Also today the JOM published this ...

  • Final Week to Apply: Join a Legacy of OME Leaders Application deadline: May 13, 2022 If you want to move into a higher position of leadership in osteopathic medical education, consider applying t o the American Association of Colleges ...

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