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    Hi everyone, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe in this difficult time. As you know, earlier today we anounced the roll-out of the AAMC Shared Services Agreement. If you have not yet seen o ur announcement, please refer to it here , and note ...

  • Here's Dr. Ables' compiled list from 2019. Rita Getz, PhD, FNAOME Senior Associate Dean for Learner Outcomes and Assessment Professor of Anatomy Tel: 208.795.4344 Email: rgetz@idahocom.org ...

  • Adrienne Ables did an updated list recently through SOME. Adrienne or Lynn Bragan could probably share it again with the group. I, unfortunately, did not find it in my archives. Machelle

  • Colleagues, The current available list on the AACOM website is dated to 2015 and was developed by Steve Davis. If it is helpful (though perhaps some of the people have changed roles), you can locate it here: https://www.aacom.org/docs/default-source/med-ed-presentations/com-faculty-development-contacts.docx?sfvrsn=2ae55497_6 ...

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