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    Only a few hours remain for you to score the largest discount to attend Educating Leaders 2023 ! Take a first look at the nearly 400 presentations that span a multitude of topics impacting osteopathic medical education and today's healthcare landscape. ...

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    Hi everyone, We just received this information from Randall Longenecker MD at the RTT Collaborative: The Rural Residency Consultant Learning Community is recruiting for a third cohort of participants. The intent of the RRCLC is develop excellent consultants ...

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    Exclusively for SOME members. Have you recently participated in an innovative project that would be valuable to other osteopathic medical educators? AACOM is now accepting applications for the Society of Osteopathic Medical Educators (SOME) Innovation ...

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    Want to learn about a new professional and career development opportunity? Informational session this Wednesday (January 11, 7PM ET). As a student in PCOM's Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) one-year degree program, I have seen how the program ...

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