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    Thanks guys. That saved me some leg work! I will share with our students too. Shannon Ramsey Jimenez DO, FACOFP, HPF Interim Dean Associate Professor of Family Medicine Sam Houston State University ...

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    Hello SOME! NBOME staff followed up on Dr. Jimenez's post. We reached out to UT Southwestern to inquire and they replied that they require that students tak e one o r the other. For their verification question they ask if the student has completed USMLE ...

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    Check out the IAMSE Webcast Audio Seminar Series Archives! The International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) is pleased to announce that the archives for "Strategies for Promoting ...

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    So I was looking at some of the VSLO applications for some larger hospitals here in Texas specifically UT Southwestern and the guidelines only mention USMLE as a criteria. There is no "or equivalent" or COMLEX. They have 59 D.O.s in their system so ...

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