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    moderation test

    Posted in: HL Testing

    testing moderation ------------------------------ System ------------------------------

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    RE: IAMSE Webinars

    ​Lynn, I am sorry to hear this.  We used these webinars when I was at DMU and have started using them at KYCOM.  I believe that they offer a great opportunity for COM faculty to hear about best educational and assessment practices at other institutions.  ...

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    RE: IAMSE Webinars

    Thank you, Lynn, and thanks to AACOM for having provided access to the IAMSE WAS series for the past few years. I know many of us found this service of value and will continue to subscribe as individuals, or as otherwise available. It is good to see that ...

  • Not to change the subject but how much time do you a lot for exam questions? ------------------------------ Ray Stowers DO VP and Dean Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine Fort Smith AR (423) 869-7082 ------------------------------

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