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    Remaining Winter 2021 series webinars include: January 21 at 12pm EST - Jonathan Amiel presents "USMLE Step 1 P/F: A UME Curriculum Dean's Perspective" January 28 at 12pm EST - Brenda Roman and Bruce Morgenstern present "Step 1 Going Pass-Fail: ...

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    Deadline Approaching for Research Proposals to Reduce Opioid Use in Pain Management: OMM Collaborative Investigation   Proposal submissions are due January 22, 2021. Dear Colleagues: The AACOM Opioid Advisory Task Force is organizing a multi-institutional ...

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    Nominate Yourself for the SOME Innovation Awards Have you recently participated in an innovative project that would be valuable to other osteopathic medical educators? AACOM is now accepting applications to award researchers who combined ingenuity ...

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    Mark Jordan and Justin La to Present "The Challenges of Resident Candidate Assessment and Selection" The 2021 IAMSE Winter Webcast Audio Seminar Series will begin next Thursday, January 7 at 12pm Eastern! In this five-part series, recognized experts ...

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