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    The NBOME is seeking nominations for the Core Competency Capstone for Osteopathic Medicine (C3DO) Task Force to begin work on Theme 1 from the Special Commission on Osteopathic Medical Licensure Assessment recommendations. The C3DO Task Force will ...

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    Hi everyone, I wanted to share this information on the military match process, timelines, schedule and FAQs. I hope you find it helpful in advising your military students. Please see the attached document from Kent J. DeZee, MD MPH MACP, COL, MC, DHA ...

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    Hi everyone, please see the following notice from IPEC regarding the Fall Institute. If you are planning, assessing or jump-starting your IPE program, this conference will have something for you! (And I may or may not be on the planning committee...) ...

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    Is in unclear why we are unable to register for the webinar from the AACOM SOME links. Please know that you can continue to register directly at AAMC, as I just did it! Here is the link, registration is free: https://www.aamc.org/about-us/mission-areas/medical-education/curriculum-inventory/establish-your-ci/webinars ...

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