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    Title: A model for community Based/ Participatory Research Abstract: Community wellness and engagement can be enhanced through the process of Community based / participatory research (CBPR), which provides a more structured approach to the broader ...

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    Our Abstract Submission Deadline Has Been Extended to July 30, 2019   You have more time to submit your research or best practice abstracts for Educating Leaders 2020 , the AACOM Annual Conference, to be held March 25-27 in Washington ...

  • To complicate the issue, there is such a thing as observerships for medical students without the ability to participate in the care of a patient. Calling the pre-med version of watching the same thing as the medical school version could be confusing. ...

  • COMs might consider getting a legal opinion on whether or not supplying COM-derived materials and resources to support non-DO premed students in a shadowing experience creates a liability risk for the COM. This is of course mitigated in the event that ...

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