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    Hi everyone, I wanted to bring to your attention a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Healthcare, focused on holistic health care. This seems like an excellent opportunity for us to get some osteopathic medical education research in front of ...

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    Congratulations Dr. Ables and Dr. Phipps! Kelli Glaser, DO, MPH, FACOFP, FNAOME Professor of Family Medicine Department of Primary Care Personal Pronouns - She/Her/Hers Rocky Vista University College ...

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    In case you missed it, I'm forwarding an email that was sent via AACOM email. In 2023, AACOM and the AAMC collaborated to develop the Curriculum SCOPE (Structure, Content, Organization, Process, Evaluation) Survey. This joint data collection effort ...

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    Dear SOME Community, Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting for the vacant Steering Committee positions. Your engagement and dedication to our organization are greatly appreciated. With so many strong candidates and only two open slots, ...

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