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    About the 2018 & 2019 TOUCH Cycles The 2018 TOUCH cycle has closed. While students may still view their submissions, no further changes or updates are possible. Thank you to everyone who participated in the program this year. We expect to have an ...

  • ​Flipping the classroom with team-based learning (TBL) is becoming common practice in medical education.  Key to its success as a learner-centered teaching strategy is its scalability to large classrooms through the employment of high-performing learner ...

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    Hello, TOUCH Coordinators, Thanks for the vital role you play at the COMs, and thanks for putting up with all the technical issues this program has had throughout the year. We look forward to providing you and your COMs a better experience next year. ...

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    Dear TOUCH National Coordinator, Several months ago I submitted an email address through our COM that will be passed down to each TOUCH coordinator. However, I never received an account under the email in which to coordinate the TOUCH program at WCU-COM. ...

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