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    Please be advised that the TOUCH site is now correctly categorizing events submitted from April 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018 for the 2018 TOUCH cycle.  COM Coordinators will notice that hours from April 2018 *also* appear in TOUCH Year 2019. This does ...

  • Hello! I hope this is okay to post here. My name is Allyson Varley and I am a doctoral candidate in the Health Behavior Department at UAB's School of Public Health. I am currently collecting responses from primary care providers in order to develop ...

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    TOUCH hours are only eligible for the cycle in which the service hours were performed. For the current cycle, only service events from 4/1/17-4/30/18 are TOUCH eligible and will be accepted. ------------------------------ TOUCH Admin TOUCH Program Administrator ...

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    This seems like it would be eligible due to it being service to the community that is not self-serving, outside of an established administrative role. ------------------------------ TOUCH Admin TOUCH Program Administrator --------------------------- ...

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