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    Hello,  The correct name for Touro Nevada is Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine.  We have two colleges and multiple programs at this site.  We say TUN COM.  I believe that faculty development it is under the auspices of Weldon Havins, ...

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    Only 3 left!

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    Dear Colleagues, Thank you for helping me gather the appropriate Faculty Development contacts for each of the COMs! I am lacking info for the following: Rocky Vista Univ COM Utah Touro COM Nevada William Carey Univ COM ...

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    IAMSE Fall Webinar

    Dear Faculty Development Community Members, AACOM/IAMSE discount: Register using code Osteopathic19 to receive 20% discount Register your institution for the series! or Register yourself for the series! Faculty development ...

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    Would you like a mentor for your abstract submission to Educating Leaders, the AACOM Annual Conference ?  Sign-up for a mentor by Tuesday July 23, 2019 to meet the submission deadline of Tuesday July 30, 2019.     AACOM's National ...

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