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  • Agreed, Steve (hope retirement is treating you well). In my experience $150/hr seems to be a typical academic consult rate these days, plus expenses. Honorarium? Seems that $200 is a common rate, plus expenses. But this is really institution ...

  • Up to the consultant in consultation with host - very situational! Distance, time to prepare (new or reuse), materials, number of participants, etc. perhaps a contract checklist (fees for services and/or menu? I'm doing a two hour facilitator orientation ...

  • What about per hour work? I never heard of a consultant who traveled not being reimbursed for food, tips, etc. Sent from my iPhone ------Original Message------ Dear Faculty Development Colleagues, Surprisingly, there is little ...

  • Dear Faculty Development Colleagues, Surprisingly, there is little information on the web or in the AACOM database with regard to a few faculty/professional development details such as honoraria for invited speakers. I was hoping to have a conversation ...

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