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    If you're interested in the preliminary results of the recent SCOPE survey and attending Educating Leaders 2024, be sure to visit the poster titled "The AAMC and AACOM Curriculum SCOPE Survey: Preliminary Results from a National Data Collection." You ...

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    Hi everyone, AACOM has been invited to work with the ACGME, the AAMC, and others on a disability education summit. AACOM already has two pieces of data (information on the prevalence of disability among your students, and some - but not much - information ...

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    Hi Amina, I think it is fine to share with premed or masters students, but the intro slide does say it was designed for employee development. We had considered creating training specifically for the pre-med community, but haven't gone down that road ...

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    This will be a valuable resource for faculty, staff, and some pre-med students. Is it possible to make it available to the Master of Health Science students as well? Thank you, Amina Amina Sadik, MS.Ph.D., MEdL, ...

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