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    How can I view the records to see how many combined hours my school has earned this year thus far. Thank you for your help with my inquiry. ------------------------------ Chelsea Eisenberg SGA President WCUCOM TOUCH Coordinator William Carey University ...

  • A main learning component of skills and competencies is feedback.   Differing from evaluation, which uses assessments for certification or accountability, the intent of feedback is learner-based growth and development. As instructors, when a learner makes ...

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    I received the below from a student for TOUCH Hours approval. Can you provide guidance on whether this is TOUCH eligible or not ? " The Clinical Teaching Conference was an event hosted by CUSOM that invited NC Clinical Preceptors and physicians to learn ...

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    Good morning, The lastest and current TOUCH  Protocols and Standards are now available for review.   ------------------------------ Kate Hirsch Administrator for the Department of Medical Education American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic ...

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