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    Hi everyone, Dr. Cain made the following important announcement today (taken directly from his email): I want to take this opportunity to let you know that Tyler Cymet, DO will be leaving the association to pursue other interests.   Dr. Cymet's ...

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    TBL Supplies Inquiry

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    We use Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique forms (scratch cards) in the classroom.  Our long time supplier is Epstein ( IF-AT - Order IF-AT Forms ) Does anyone know of an alternate supplier?  Can anyone recommend an alternative product? Sorry ...

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    Advance Quality Osteopathic Medical Education: Apply to Become a NAOME Fellow   Applications are open until January 8, 2022 (portfolio preparation should begin now)     The  National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators ...

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    Hi everyone, I received the following message from Gabrielle Campbell, Chief Services Officer at the AAMC, today regarding an ERAS issue. I told her that I would make you aware of this issue (knowing that you may already be aware), and AAMC's response: ...

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